All Eurotunnel services were again suspended this morning for the third day in a row following further disruption from trespassers overnight.
Operation Stack is no longer in place, parcel delays may incur a 24 hour delay
All Eurotunnel services have been suspended again today following further disruption from tresppasers.  Police are in place at the terminal to ensure all trains are secure before depatrture but currently there are no trains operating and Eurotunnel are unable to confirm at the moment when service will be resumed.
Within the UK, Operation Stack is in place which means traffic is parked or stacked on the M20 motorway.  Currently there is a traffic queue of 6 miles on the motorway.
All Eurotunnel services have been suspended following trespassers trying to gain access to the station platforms, therefore, there are currently no trains operating.
A number of Interlink / DPD vehicles have been affected by the suspension of service which has led to a 24 hour delay on these parcel deliveries.