We are the specialist for perfect surfaces in the areas of stamping plant, body work, e-coat, primer and clear coat applications. Please approach us for details.

Starcke Finishing System

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Stamping plant / body work

STARCKE products are ideal for sanding galvanized sheet steel and aluminium in body work applications and in the stamping plants of automotive suppliers.


Grip discs

With paper or durable cloth backing.

E-coat / primer

E-coat is used to remove oxidation layers, paint runs, body work adhesive, welding beads and PVC overspray.
In clear coat preparation (primer sanding), the surface is checked for irregularities and sanded as necessary.
For waterproof applications.



For waterproof applications.


With paper or highly tear-resistant film backing.



Clear coat

The STARCKE FINISHING SYSTEM – a brilliant idea.

The STARCKE FINISHING SYSTEM comprises all the expertise modern paintwork needs. Offering abrasive products, polishing sponges and polishing compounds that are perfectly matched.

Scallop and micro discs

For removal of clear coat imperfections.


High performance polishing sponges

For swift buffing.



High-gloss polishing compounds

Suitable for all standard paint systems in the automotive industry.